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Seippelabel Vol. 8

by Seippelabel

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About the Release:

Our compilations series continues into 2017 with a 5 track release. Seippelabel Vol. 8 showcases new material and fosters connections between various North American and East Asian artists. This release spans from harsh noise and ambient pieces to bass music and sound collage narratives; Vol. 8 displays a full bouquet of contrasting sounds that captures a spectrum of emotions.

Artist Introductions:


Achun is a musician, multi-instrumentalist and live performer from Macau/Hong Kong. He has released numerous EP's and albums including his newest full-length LP 'Merkwelt' which was released on Los Angeles based record label Dome of Doom.

His original material contains stunning pure synth sounds which fades into bright and colourful electronica patterns. They represent a connection between Eastern and Western melodies and blended traditional Asian flavours. The music melts organically with tribal rhythms and acoustic instrumental elements. Achun's music is a mature and experimental listening experience to take in all in one sip.


Under the name Gardener, Richmond, VA-based Dash Lewis uses a modular synthesiser, effects pedals, and his own voice to create intricately layered, rhythmically complex slabs of trance-inducing psychedelia, weaving looped vocal passages into thick, textured drones. Deeply influenced by German Kosmiche music of the 1970s, mid-career Beach Boys, and spiritual jazz, Lewis’s interest lies in the organic interplay between electronics and the human voice. With Gardener, he works to meld seemingly disparate elements into a single instrument.

Proud Father

"Proud/Father is the cassette recording project of Sebastian Figueroa from New Orleans. While channeling obsolete media and fading memories, Proud/Father produces dense tape collages with bursts of feedback, cassette loops, warped samples and droning synths.”

Proud Father’s submisson,“Utsubyō kara hai agaru” begins in a place of grainy subfrequencies and stratigically blends melodic bass tones with heavy drones. Proud Father is able to push the listener further into a void of layered synths.

Liquid Palace

Liquid Palace is a psychedelic-noise group from Beijing, China consisting of members Meng Qi, Doctor Xiin, ZPAX and Psycho Rabbit. They describe their work as; “generating abnormal movements of the speakers in some basement; which it expresses a liquid, holy structure by electricity and sound waves.”

Their group name originates from the following writing:
“… People going down from the stairs of the world… going back to the ground… (the holy river) is flowing to the lowest place of the earth… it is the liquid palace”— Yu Jian <Notes of India>

Their track ‘Science of the Dust in a Deeper Truth’ is an edit of a live recording that Liquid Palace performed with Korean experimental filmmaker Hangjun Lee in December 2016 at Fruity Space in Beijing. At the show, Hangjun was doing the live performance with two 16mm film projectors while Liquid Palace was providing musical accompaniment. The title of Hangjun's film is “The Science of Dust”, and that is where the title of this track comes from.


Katie Wood is a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her project Sugarlift combines field recordings with synthesised tones, vocalisations and found texts to create murky, ethereal soundscapes that relate political narratives to personal experience.

Her interest in sound collage and composition arose from a variety of influences. In college, she wrote for, played, and sang in a number of bands, including the now-notable Car Seat Headrest and an indie rock project under her own name. She moved away from pop music in pursuit of a breadth of expression that she perceived to be outside the bounds of traditional songwriting structure; not to mention the pop music industry. She finds sound composition to be a strange and happy marriage of her interests in painting, collage, and environmental studies. Her work probes relationships between people and place, bodies and space. She uses sound to explore connections between people and their landscapes, and how those stories intersect with her own experience.

About the Album Art:

Brad M. Seippel

Brad M. Seippel is a multi-facet creator and the founder of Seippelabel. His work covers a variety of forms including photography, video, music production and audio engineering. Through his visual material, he invites the viewer to place less emphasis on technique and embrace the unintentional mistakes that often occur with aged electronics. He has exhibited his photography in the U.S. and China and several of his photographs have become album artwork for his music project, thruoutin.

As a youth growing up in Louisiana, Seippel spent time experimenting with images produced by digital camera malfunctions and later to light leaks and double exposure in film cameras. Starting from university he began archiving these pictures. The focus of his attention has always been concerned with the mixture of technology and the natural world. Currently Brad M. Seippel lives and works out of his studio in Beijing.


released November 1, 2017


Curation: Brad M. Seippel & Michele Seippel
Mastering: Brad M. Seippel (Except for track 5 (Sandy/Ding Xin))
Design: Michele Seippel
Album Art: Brad M. Seippel
Translation & Editing: Brad M. Seippel & Wang Shengnan
Web Design: Corey Grunewald


all rights reserved



Seippelabel Beijing, China

Seippelabel is a promotional platform for sharing visual art and sound.


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