Seippelabel Vol. 5

by Seippelabel

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Punx - Lanka 03:55
VU - Hole 06:34


Seippelabel Vol. 5
01. Far-Infinity - Particle City
02. Punx - Lanka
03. Red.pores pomelo - HER
04. VU - Hole

About the Release:

Seippelabel Vol. 5 includes an all Beijing-based cast of electronic producers. These artists often perform together live and are also part of a newly formed techno label called prajnasonic. While this particular compilation does not entirely represent all the varied forms of techno, it does float in an out of that sonic realm. The tracks reveal how the techno genre is perceived and blended in the current music scene of 2016 Beijing.
Release date: August 19th, 2016

About Seippelabel:

Seippelabel is a digital platform that showcases artists we have come into contact with over the years and know on a personal basis. We are currently four members based in Santa Clara, USA and Beijing, China. One of our goals is to represent and support our friend's work whether it be sonic or visual. Seippelabel hopes to foster a community of artists exploring endeavors both sonically and visually across the globe.

About the Artists:

Far Infinity:
Far-Infinity is an alias of Beijing based electronic music producer Liu Yiwei. Liu was in Berlin from 2009 to 2011, where he drew influences from underground techno and experimental music. He also works on sound design, interactive installations, motion graphics and creative coding. His works have been presented by Sinotronics Records Label, CMODA Digital Art Museum, Goethe Institute Culture Projects, DongDong Festival, Beijing Sonic Festival, 2013-2015 Beijing Electronic Music Encounter. He has shared the same stage as Monolake, Efdemin, Eno Henze, Pantha du Prince, and many other creative talents in electronic music and the visual arts.

Punx is an electronic musician and a drifter with Tangut blood. He is a Frankenstein who speaks via synthesizers and always utilizes hardware in his live sets. From 2008 to 2010 he organized a series of electronic live music events named ‘The Whole Town Affection’ in the city of Chongqing, China. Then left for Changsha to join the electronic musician organization ‘Ice Bridge’ and started to performance in local underground clubs and music festivals. He released an album titled ‘Waiting for a Crush’ on Mile Pub. In 2013 Punx moved to Beijing city where he continues to release the power of hardware.

Red pores. pomelo:
Red pores. pomelo’s musical styles include ambient, classical, hip hop, jazz and techno. Throughout his childhood he learned piano which gave him some insights on classical music. His work is built on a classical foundation that he then applies to his electronic music. This advantage allows for a variety of elements in the final production. Red pores. pomelo is committed to breaking people away from the comforts of modern and classical music. His ability to create expressive pieces by combining these distinctive approaches is what sets him apart from other electronic musicians.

VU aka Zheng Dayou is a Beijing-based electronic musician, designer and director. His art and design work gradually lead him to enter the field of electronic music and video creation. In the past he has participated in such events as the Shenzhen - Hong Kong City / Biennial (2007), the Hong Kong Arts Festival (2009), the Sino-Fench Electronic Music Festival / Electronic Worlds Festival (2010), ChoP Europe Tour (2011) and the ChoP China Tour (2011). VU has worked with Shenzhen based electronic musician Zen Lu, founder of Neosound (Lament) and continues to work with a series of art groups and sound art events.


Visual Artist:
Album Art 封面:Dan Wilkinson 威京臣

Dan is an undergraduate at the University of Toronto; where he studied Visual Communication & Culture. We would like to believe he graduated. He occasionally acts like a visual artist and while his body of work is vast, it remains largely unpublished. His current work tends to follow a cut+paste mentality, constantly weaving in & out of illustrations, painting, photographs and various digital distortions. Dan currently resides somewhere in China and it is believed he creates internet memes for a living. You can find some of Dan’s work here:

Additional Links:

01. Far-Infinity - Particle City
02. Punx - Lanka
03. Red.pores pomelo - HER
04. VU - Hole

菜谱第5部合辑新鲜出炉啦~这一次我们邀请到来自4位北京独立电子音乐制作人参与其中。这张专辑风格多变,我们不局限某种特指风格或形式,打破常规,才会好玩、有趣。特别提到 techno 这种音乐,碎着脚步踏着电流你会明白我们要的声波在哪里流动!





Far-Infinity是北京电子音乐制作人刘一纬的创作代号。灵感来自数字时代的电器噪音,城市的钢铁之声以及黑夜中悸动不安的灵魂律动。 工业感的Ambient Techno之声和无限环绕的强大声场会把你带到声音的迷宫和旋转的隧道。 Far Infinity的音乐作品曾呈现于Beijing Sonic,Beijing Electronic Music Encounter,Audi Urban Electronics等系列音乐节。首张唱片Dark Bridges 于独立厂牌Sinotronics发布于2014年,并获得广泛的好评。

流淌着党项血脉的异乡客,用合成器说话的科学怪。专注于纯硬件的电子乐创作,以live set为主要演出形式。2008年至2010年在重庆于当地电子音乐人X76等组织了名为“全城效应’的系列活动;后转战长沙加入“电音冰箱”并活跃在当地的地下俱乐部和音乐节的电子音乐现场; 2013年移居北京开始新的创作和演出历程。曾在Mile Pub发行专辑《Waiting for a Crush》。

Red pores. pomelo:
Red pores. pomelo 的作品风格多变,包括ambient、classical、hiphop、jazz、techno.

VU(郑大有):电子音乐人,设计师,导演。从美术设计工作逐渐进入电子乐及影像创作的领域。曾参加深圳-香港城市/建筑双城双年展(2007)、香港建筑是艺术节(2009)、中法电子音乐节/ Electronic Worlds Festival(2010)、ChoP Tour in Europe(2011)、ChoP中国巡演(2011)。2011年独立发行首张专辑《VU》。曾与深圳音乐人陆正(zen lu)创办Neo Sound(离骚)新艺术团体及一系列声音艺术活动。2016年与iimmune、far infinity、punx共同创办电子乐厂牌prajna sonic,并定期举办以Techno为主的活动,个人新专辑筹备中。现工作、生活在北京。




released August 19, 2016

Compilation Credits:

Curation/Mastering: Brad Seippel
Design: Michele Seippel
Album Art: Dan Wilkinson
Translation/Editing: Wang Shengnan & Brad Seippel
Website design: Corey Grunewald

策展/母带处理: 布拉德·赛普
设计: 米歇尔·赛普
封面: 丹尼尔·威尔金森
翻译/编辑: 王胜男 / 布拉德·赛普
网站设计: 科瑞·格鲁内瓦尔德


all rights reserved



Seippelabel Beijing, China

Seippelabel is a promotional platform for sharing visual art and sound.

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