Seippelabel Vol. 4

by Seippelabel

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About the Release:
Seippelabel Vol. 4 showcases artists currently living in Beijing, those who have since left the city, and those abroad. This compilation takes on more of an electronic and beat oriented direction with a pleasant balance of ambient and soundscapes sprinkled throughout. We are happy to include Zhuhai, China based electronic producer, Lastboss’ track as a fairly spooky intro.
After that there is Scottish producer, æϣ. He is a former Beijing resident and synth designer/guitarist who played in the bands Incisors and Mammals (BJ). This is followed up by a quite relaxed track by Dazed Marrow; an American producer based in Daegu, South Korea. The compilation goes on the feature two Beijing based artists who regularly play around town; Wen Liang and dee. While Wen takes one more a cinematic vibe dee’s live performances are centered around physical interaction with the audience. Finally we are sent off with a song by long time China hand, dMH who has returned to his home country of Ireland, but while in Beijing played in several bands including LOW BOW, Cloud Choir, Paper Tiger Jamboree and various other projects.
Release date: August 10th, 2016

About Seippelabel:
Seippelabel is a digital platform that showcases artists we have come into contact with over the years and know on a personal basis. We are currently four members based in Santa Clara, USA and Beijing, China. One of our goals is to represent and support our friend's work whether it be sonic or visual. Seippelabel hopes to foster a community of artists exploring sound across the globe.





æϣ 苏格兰人,曾在北京生活玩音乐和设计合成器,并且还是 Mammals乐队(BJ)的吉他手。

Dazed Marrow在韩国生活的美国人,这首音乐很轻松,融合的刚刚好。杨文亮 :来自中国的电子音乐制作人,活跃在电子音乐演出圈,在他的音乐中你会听到一种能量,不断涌出,慢慢吞噬和变大。

盛迪 dee :同是来自中国的先锋艺术家,他的音乐有一种爆发力,你会在他的音乐里听到不一样的世界和思维,更尤其是他的现场艺术把环境周围和观众做一个大胆的交互体验。

dMH :来自爱尔兰的董墨涵风趣幽默,曾是中国的喜剧相声演员,多元生活的他已经回到了自己的爱尔兰本国,但同时还在北京的几个乐队,包括低低头,云合唱团,皮老虎集会和各种其他项目比赛。


Album Art:

Seippelabel reaches a milestone with its newest release. This compilation welcomes a very special visual artist, long time roommate, collaborator and dear friend Rachel Maves. Rachel's illustrative graces glide over our Vol.4 album cover gifting us with an Egon Schiele inspired expressionist sketch.

Maves is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va and the Illustration Academy located in Kansas City. Her work has been shown steadily around the U.S. and now on a global scale. Rachel’s illustrations and paintings capture images which embody quaint but specific encounters she runs into contact with on a daily basis, often challenging the closed off world of our own imaginations. Rachel currently resides in Washington D.C. You can check out Rachel’s creations on her site,


released August 10, 2016

Compilation Credits 积分:
Curation/Mastering 策展/母带处理: Brad Seippel 布拉德·赛普
Design 设计: Michele Seippel 米歇尔·赛普
Album Art 封面: Rachel Maves 雷切尔·马菲思
Translation/Editing 翻译/编辑: Wang Shengnan 王胜男 / Brad Seippel 布拉德·赛普
Website design 网站设计: Corey Grunewald 科瑞·格鲁内瓦尔德

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Seippelabel Beijing, China

Seippelabel is a promotional platform for sharing visual art and sound.

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