Seippelabel Vol. 7

by Seippelabel

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About Seippelabel Vol. 7:
This release kicks off the first of our compilation series for 2017. We present you with a whole new cast of artists ranging from Southeast Asia and North America.
Like always in our compilations this series is chuck-full of varying sounds from artist to artist. Lantern Festival opens up with a track embodying a transcendental pop sensibility which is then followed by Blake Melton’s voyage evoking piano and distortion piece. Dallol’s track breaks the mediation, but keeps the listen at bay with cleverly laced tones and filed recordings. As an almost passing of the eye of the storm Brandon Hurtado’s piece washes up a new surge wall of static frequencies and undulations. Ultimately intensifying the the mood is a beat driven track by YAHNA whose gritty undertones and sharp jabs finalise Seippelabel Vol. 7.

像我们的编辑一样,这个系列充满了从艺术家到艺术家不同的声音。 灯笼节开辟了一个体现超验的流行感性的轨道,然后是布莱克·梅尔顿的航行唤起钢琴和扭曲的片段。 Dallol的轨道打破了调解,但保持听在海湾与巧妙地系带的音调和录音记录。 作为一个几乎经过的眼睛风暴布兰登·赫塔多的作品打破了一个新的浪涌墙的静态频率和起伏。 最终加强情绪是一个由YAHNA的节拍驱动的轨道,其粗ty的底线和尖锐的臀部敲定Seippelabel Volume 7。


released May 19, 2017

Curation/Mastering 策展/母带处理: Brad Seippel 布拉德·赛普 与 Michele Seippel 米歇尔·赛普
Design 设计: Michele Seippel 米歇尔·赛普
Album Art 封面: Francis Wong
Translation/Editing 翻译/编辑: Wang Shengnan 王胜男 / Brad Seippel 布拉德·赛普
Website design 网站设计: Corey Grunewald 科瑞·格鲁内瓦尔德

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About Album Art:
Francis Wong grew up in the New Orleans area and was into art his whole life. He attended the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and attended the University of New Orleans. Katrina interrupted his college education but educated him on so much more in life. His work is influenced by the magical realness of his life in New Orleans and Southeastern Louisiana. Francis has exhibited allover Louisiana, NYC and Oakland. He is currently getting his MFA in Studio Art at UNO.



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Seippelabel Beijing, China

Seippelabel is a promotional platform for sharing visual art and sound.

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