Seippelabel Vol. 6

by Seippelabel

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Duration: 34 mins
Release date: November 5th, 2016

About Seippelabel Vol. 6:

This release marks the last of our collective efforts for the 2016 season. However, it embodies many firsts for Seippelabel as a whole. In conjunction with this compilation’s debut we have arranged our first ever event in California, USA at Oakland.Secret on November 5th as well as the first Seippelabel show in our hometown, New Orleans at the Mudlark Public Theater. Another anticipated addition is the launch of merch featuring original art by Rachel Maves.

On the music end, a delicately curated selection of works from varying experimental and electronic artists have been assembled to span the 5 track collection with album art to match. Persisting with the our theme of promoting and supporting friends and respected fellow artists this compilation connects producers and instrumentalists of different nationalities, genders and geographic locations.

About the Artists:
GOOOOOSE is the side project of Han Han, frontman of one of China’s most well-known experimental-rock/electronica bands “Duck Fight Goose” and also owner of the experimental record label Miniless Recordings. His multi-instrumental approach of making music usually leads the audience into a place where electronic, jazz and strange time-signatured rock music finds harmony, yet still pulling from each others core. GOOOOOSE is more like the spiritual cave of Han Han, he is currently based in Shanghai.

Nocturnes are an Indie-electronic band based in Beijing, China, comprising of Leslie (Vocals) and Da Wei (Guitar/Production). They met in late 2015 and self-released their EP in March 2016, coinciding with a slew of performances around Beijing in venues such as Yugong Yishan, Mao, School Bar, etc., culminating in their recent support for Surfer Blood as part of their China tour. Their music combines live guitar and vocals with electronic beats and samples and has been described as “sultry” and “atmospheric”. They are currently putting the finishing touches to their debut album, expected to be self-released this September, and will play MTA Festival alongside Nova Heart, Rudimental and Example on 3-4 September. For more information, visit:

Zebre Rouge:
Zebre Rouge aka Benoit Vitoux is an Electro-Dub producer from France living in Shanghai. Inspired by the French and UK Dub scene, Zebre Rouge created his own style as a dub maker with field recording samples gathered during his travels, ethnic inspirations and a bold synth touch. Armed with his machines and controller his live set is a shamanistic trip from Dub-step to psychedelic electronica.

He has been featured on European national radio shows, released tracks on underground Net-labels and recently on the Lisbon label Labareda (Portugal). He regularly works on experimental art performances with other artists such as the Shanghai based Idle Beats Studio Visual Collective and Beijing Opera actor Gao Mingbo. He is currently working on his first EP.

Uraniborg is operated by long-time Beijing-based, now inhabiting Toronto, electronic musician Vurado Bokoda. Uraniborg describes his work as:

“Uraniborg is an observatory: an island of machines with a human body at its center.
A distant past and an ancient past, and their recording. Uraniborg is multiple modes of attention distributed as spontaneity, modulation, and polyrhythm. Uraniborg is rapt celestial doom.”

Soul Glimpse:
Soul Glimpse is the experimental moniker of multi-instrumentalist Austyn Sullivan.
Soul Glimpse is a practice in musical meditation & sonic spiritual reflection. Sullivan creates dense textures, atmospheres & inward concepts in attempts to find higher realms of thought & perception through the creation of music.

Featured Visual Artist:

Brandon Hurtado
Seippelabel’s East Coast support and contributions seem to grow with every release. This spotlighted talent resides West of the Blue Ridge Mountains in red brick Richmond, Virginia. Brandon Hurtado, known originally to us for his lush analog tape, field recording and overall attention to space and detail, lends his collage and printmaking work for the featured Volume 6 album cover.

A little excerpt from Brandon himself on this specific piece:

“I set out to explore narrative relationships between two found elements, and create an environment from those relationships. I seek to place the focus on these relationships by using the minimum amount of materials necessary - any more than 2 pieces of paper and I start feeling like things are getting cluttered. Curating these elements from a source based on chance - magazines, newspapers, etc - further turns my focus to how the elements I come across interact and relate with each other.”

Seippelabel is fortunate to announce Brandon’s release of a new track appearing on Volume 7 entitled, “New Spine.” Be on the lookout for Brandon’s ever evolving sound libraries and visual treats at or

Additional Links:

01. GOOOOOSE - Synchronization
02. Nocturnes - Ounce of You
03. Zèbre Rouge - Forty-two
04. Uraniborg - Oxygen-Shell
05. Soul Glimpse - Vivid Vibrations







GOOOOOSE 是鸭打鹅乐队主唱韩涵的个人音乐计划。他的音乐融合了电子乐,爵士和部分数学摇滚的节拍,经常呈现出一种不同风格冲突下的和谐感。GOOOOOSE 更像是韩涵的自省空间, 现居上海。

曳取(Nocturnes)是一支来自北京的独立电子二人组。他们的音乐氛围感很强,迷人旋律中充斥着饱满的情感,在其中你也许会找到Foals, Bonobo, Coldplay的影子。
萎度 – 主唱/人声
大卫 – 吉他/编曲. 乐队由2015年晚些时候正式成立,在2016年初独立发行了首张EP专辑

《A World Full of Adults》。随后他们在北京大大小小的livehouse开始演出,也曾在愚公移山为巡演中美国独立摇滚乐队Surfer Blood做过开场嘉宾。不久后,他们与草台回声正式签约,下一张正式EP将在11月末正式发行。


Zebre Rouge:
住在上海的法国Dub电子音乐家:Zebre Rouge,被法国和英国Dub音乐环境影响了很多。他的音乐中有田野录音的采样,少数民族元素还有一些复古合声器的感觉。现场演出用MIDI控制器也别有用心的给观众一个迷幻感觉。

目前他已经在欧洲广播台发行专辑也在一些地下唱片公司发行过专辑。经常和中国艺术家合作做实验艺术表演或跨界合作,如最近正在和上海的Idle Beats艺术团与北京京剧演员高明博讨论着新的艺术项目。这些日子他也在准备新专辑,让我们一起期待。


Uraniborg是对苍穹劫数着迷。Uraniborg是以前久居北京,现定居多伦多的电子音乐人Vurado Bokoda的新艺名。

Soul Glimpse:
Soul Glimpse是美国路易斯安那州复合多元艺术家奥斯汀·沙利文的名字。对他来说,创作是为了冥想和自己内心声音与精神的反思。从他音乐创作中你能感觉到密集的纹理和环境还有内向概念为了发现高级想法和知识。


布兰登·乌尔塔多 独白艺术
ps:菜谱下一张合辑也会有布兰登的一首歌叫做《New Spine》。



released November 5, 2016

Curation: Brad Seippel & Michele Seippel
Mastering: Brad Seippel (excluding track 1: Mastering by Han Han)
Video and Design: Michele Seippel
Album Art: Brandon Hurtado
Translation/Editing: Wang Shengnan & Brad Seippel
Website Design: Corey Grunewald

总策划: 布拉德·赛普与 米歇尔·赛普
母带处理:布拉德·赛普 (第一首歌:韩涵)
海报设计: 米歇尔·赛普
专辑封面设计: 布兰登·乌尔塔多
翻译/编辑: 王胜男 / 布拉德·赛普
网站设计: 科瑞·格鲁内瓦尔德


all rights reserved



Seippelabel Beijing, China

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